C. F. Abel Two Berlin Sonatas for violoncello and bass. Introduction by Michael O'Loghlin, edited by Günter und Leonore von Zadow. Edition Güntersberg (G107), 2007 ...

Abel is generally remembered as a viol player, but these two sonatas (in G and A, WKO 147-8) are idiomatic for the cello. In the sources, they are written in score, and thus they are here published, but with two copies to avoid eyestrain. To a non-cellist, the music would seem not to be for beginners, but not impossibly difficult. The bass is unfigured, but since the MS is a score, that wouldn't preclude a keyboard accompaniment, but a second cello would seem to me to be most likely: the titles only mention cello, not the accompanying instrument. The introduction defends Abel's galant charm, with considerable justification from these pieces.

Clifford Bartlett
Early Music Review - 118 - April 2007