Clemens Thieme, 2 Sonatas for five instruments and basso continuo, first edition ...

This again is a very clear accessible edition making life easy for the casual or more advanced consort player. The piece is for 2 trebles, 2 tenors, bass (or 1 tenor and 2 basses) and continuo bass which is figured. It comes with a complete score and separate parts. The first and second parts are notated in treble clef, the third and fourth parts are in alto (or treble clef to be read an octave down) and the fifth part is in bass clef. There is also a figured bass part which follows the bass line but is not identical.

The only thing missing in this edition is the figures underneath the bass on the score. [Note by Edition G├╝ntersberg: We do not understand this statement. All figures of the original manuscript are also shown in our score.]

Jennifer Eriksson,
Australian VdGS Newsletter No. 24: April 2006