Cover pageJohann Michael Nicolai, Samuel Capricornus
(1629–1685, 1628–1665)
Sonata in A minor, Ciaccona in D major

for Violin, Viola da Gamba, and Basso Continuo

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Editor: Günter and Leonore von Zadow, publication date: 2022-05, continuo realization: Dankwart von Zadow, source: Partiturbuch Ludwig, D-W Cod.Guelf. 34.7 Aug 2°, No. 36 and 37

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G405Johann Michael Nicolai, Samuel Capricornus, Sonata in A minor, Ciaccona in D major, V+VdG+Bc, Full score, full score with realization, 3 parts, 44 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-405-316.80 €


This booklet contains two trio sonatas for violin and viola da gamba from the Partiturbuch Ludwig of 1662, an important German manuscript collection of 17th century instrumental music. The composers, Johann Michael Nicolai and Samuel Friedrich Capricornus, both served at the Stuttgart court around 1650, so these pieces can give a good impression of the instrumental music cultivated there at that time.

Errata / Addenda