Cover pageGottfried Finger (ca. 1655-1730)
Sünching Manuscript

Intrada Violetta for two Treble Viols and Basso Continuo

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Editor: Günter and Leonore von Zadow, publication date: 2019-05, bass added by Wolfgang Kostujak, source: D-SÜN Ms 12

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G340Finger, Sünching Manuscript, Intrada Violetta for two Treble Viols and Basso Continuo, Sünching No 21, Vol. 6, Intrada Violetta, First Edition, 2VdG-D/V+Bc, full score and 3 parts, 32 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-340-717.00 €


This work by Gottfried Finger comes from the Sünching manuscript, an autograph scribed between 1670 and 1682, which contains numerous sonatas and suites for two violas da gamba and the present intrada for two treble viols. A bass part has not been preserved, but it is probable that these works were played with bass. For this reason, our editions include a figured bass part composed by Wolfgang Kostujak. Contrasting to the works in the Sünching Manuscript for bass viols, this intrada which is reminescent of Corelli is not very difficult. See also Sonatas for two Violas da Gamba.

Errata / Addenda