TitelseiteAndreas Lidl (? - before 1789)
Sonata a Viola Da gamba Solo e Violoncello

in C major, Maltzan Collection Vol. 10

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Editor: Sonia Wronkowska, publication date: 2016-11, source: PL-Pu 7458

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G310Lidl, Sonata a Viola Da gamba Solo e Violoncello, C major, First Edition, VdG+Bc, score, 3 parts (treble and alto clef), 24 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-310-013.80 €


The Maltzan Collection is a trove of manuscripts made up of thirty for the most part unknown works for viola da gamba in the holdings of the library of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. Twenty-eight of the works are by Carl Friedrich Abel - including a number of autographs - and one each by Johann Christian Bach and Andreas Lidl. The manuscripts were copied between 1759 and 1789 in England, and purchased there by the then Prussian envoy in London, Count Joachim Carl Maltzan, who brought them back with him to Militsch, Silesia (today Milicz, Poland). In 1945 the manuscripts came into the possession of the library in Poznan. The collection was discovered in 2016 by Sonia Wronkowska, who is also the editor of the ten-volume edition of all the previously unknown works from this collection.

Andreas Lidl was a baryton player at the court of Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy. Starting in 1776, he demonstrated his virtuosity on the baryton and viola da gamba at concerts in London. A number of his chamber music works with viola da gamba have come down to us. The viola da gamba sonata in the Maltzan Collection was hitherto unknown.

Other works in the Maltzan Collection G301-G308 C.F. Abel G309 J.C. Bach

Errata / Addenda

[24.03.2017] G310C fingerings
G310C, page 2, bars 55–58: The fingerings in the alto clef version are not quite at the correct places. In the treble clef version they are all right.