TitelseiteCarl Friedrich Abel (1723-1787)
A Duetto for two Violoncellos

“as performed at the Hanover-Square Concert by Messrs Crosdill, & Cervetto”

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Editor: Günter and Leonore von Zadow, publication date: 2008-09, introduction: Peter Holman, source: Glasgow University Library, Special Collections Department

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G141C.F. Abel, A Duetto for two Violoncellos, AbelWV B31 (WKO 228), Facsimile and Modern Edition, 2Vc, score including facsimile and two parts, 40 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-141-016.80 €


Abel wrote this duet for the cellists John Crosdill and James Cervetto, who were famous in London around 1780. It was printed after Abel’s death. Our edition comprises the facsimile of the original print and a modern practical edition. Peter Holman writes in his introduction to our edition: “Although essentially in the relaxed galant style associated with Abel and J.C. Bach, the work is one of the most ambitious, demanding and rewarding in the eighteenth-century duet repertory, and deserves to be taken up by cellists today.”

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