TitelseiteJohann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
O angenehme Melodei

Cantata in honor of the Patrons of Science and Art, for soprano, transverse flute, oboe d'amore, 2 violins, viola, violone, and continuo

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Reconstructed and edited by Alexander Ferdinand Grychtolik, publication date: 2008-01 and 2017-05, source: see preface

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G124J.S. Bach, O angenehme Melodei, Cantata, score and soprano part, first edition of a reconstruction, Sing-S+Fl+Ob+Str+Bc, 60 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-124-321.80 €
G125J.S. Bach, O angenehme Melodei, Cantata, set of instrumental parts, first edition of a reconstruction, Sing-S+Fl+Ob+Str+Bc, 64 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-125-021.80 €


J. S. Bach’s cantata O angenehme Melodei has only survived as a fragment. It can however be reconstructed because we have the wedding cantata BWV 210 O holder Tag, erwünschte Zeit , which is a later parody version of it. The text and three recitatives are completely different from the wedding cantata. This first edition of a reconstruction by the harpsichordist Alexander Ferdinand Grychtolik provides a possibility of presenting this so called sponsor cantata in a form suitable for practical use in today’s concert life.

Errata / Addenda