TitelseiteAnonymous, France about 1750
Parisian Gamba Duets

Six early Classical sonatas by an unknown composer for two bass viols - collection Vm7 6297 of the National Library in Paris,

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Editor: Günter and Leonore von Zadow, publication date: 2005-06, source: RISM: F-Pn Vm7 6297

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G066Anonymous, Parisian Gamba Duets, sonatas I and II, First Edition, 2VdG, score, 2 parts, 52 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-066-618.80 €
G067Anonymous, Parisian Gamba Duets, sonatas III and IV, First Edition, 2VdG, score, 2 parts, 52 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-067-318.80 €
G068Anonymous, Parisian Gamba Duets, sonatas V and VI, First Edition, 2VdG, score, 2 parts, 44 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-068-018.80 €


These interesting sonatas are of extraordinary beauty and great musical value, yet to the present day they have defied attribution to any known composer. The music belongs without a doubt to the sensitive style. Elements such as appoggiaturas, short passages in unison, expressive chords and intervals in the slow movements, and double stops with parallel thirds are clearly reminiscent of viol works of this period, for example, by those of Johann Gottlieb Graun or Carl Friedrich Abel.

Errata / Addenda

[19.07.2005] G066 page 11
G066, page 11, measure 9 and 11, 1st part: second grace note d’ (instead of b)
G066A, page 8, measure 9 and 11: same as G066

[17.07.2006] G066 page 5
G066, page 5, measure 16, 1st part: 11th note: g' (instead of g#')
G066A, page 5, measure 16: same as G066

[17.07.2006] G066 page 9
G066, page 9, measure 43, 1st part: slur from 11th to 12th note
G066A, page 9, measure 43: same as G066

[06.11.2005] G067 page 7
G067, page 7, bar 76, 2nd part, lower layer (IS B flat, SHOULD BE A)
G067B, page 1, bar 76: same as G067

[19.07.2005] G067 page 9
G067, page 9, bar 91, 1st part: lower layer a third higher (IS c’-e’-c’, SHOULD BE e’-g’-e’)
G067A, page 5, bar 91: same as G067

[19.07.2005] G068 page 12
G068, page 12, measure 36, 1st part: last note: we suggest f’ (instead of f#’), see measure 69
G068A, page 8, measure 36: same as G068

[19.07.2005] G068 page 13
G068, page 13, measure 80, 1st part: 8th note: a’ (instead of g’)
G068A, page 9, measure 80: same as G068