Information on the catalogue

At the beginning the catalogue is ordered by date, so that the newest editions appear at the top. You can change this sort order by clicking at the desired column heading. A second click reverses the sort order. If e.g. you want to see the catalogue ordered by composers, please click on the heading "composer, title".

You can also search within this list. Enter your search item in the field provided at the upper right. The found list entries will appear in an extra window. Example search items: "Mozart" "2VdG" "duo".

You can get comprehensive information about each title by clicking at this title in the column "composer, title". This works in the main window and in the windown containing the search result. To return to the list of all titles please use the back function of your browser (e.g. right mouse key).

Abbreviations in the column "instrumentation":
  Bar baryton
  Bc basso continuo
  Bfl recorder
  Bfl-A alto recorder, treble recorder
  Bfl-B bass recorder
  Bfl-S descant reocorder, soprano recorder
  Bfl-T tenor recorder
  Cemb harpsichord
  Cons consort (player)
  Fg bassoon
  Fl transverse flute, flute
  Har harp
  Piano [forte-]piano
  Ob oboe, oboe d'amore
  Orch orchestra
  Pard pardessus de viole
  Sing singing voice
  Sing-A alto
  Sing-B bass
  Sing-S soprano
  Sing-T tenor
  Str strings
  V violin
  V-pic violino piccolo
  Va viola
  Vc violoncello
  VdG viola da gamba, viol
  VdG-A tenor viol
  VdG-B bass viol
  VdG-D treble viol
  VdG-T ?
  Vlne violone
  Sing-A+VdG+Bc alto, viola da gamba, b.c.
  2VdG 2 violas da gamba
  4Cons 4 consort player, 4-part consort
  VdG+Bc viola da gamba and b.c.
  VdG[+Bc] viola da gamba and optional b.c.
  VdG/Va viola da gamba or viola
  2VdG-D/V+Bc 2 treble viols or 2 violins - and - b.c.
  2VdG/V/Fl 2 violas da gamba or 2 violins or 2 flutes
  V+VdG-B/V+Bc  violin - and - bass viol or violin - and - b.c.
  2VdG/(VdG+Bc)  2 violas da gamba - or - viola da gamba and b.c.
  Vdg+Bc, Fl+VdG viol and b.c. - as well as - flute and viol (both combinations occur)