How to order our sheet music

Please order our sheet music from our distributor Edition Walhall. The easiest way is this:

  1. Remember the order numbers of the articles that you want to have. Our order numbers have the format Gxxx, e.g. G301. You find them in the online-catalogue in the second column from the right, and on the article page under "Order information".
  2. Switch to the website of Edition Walhall and enter there the order number of the article in the search field at the top right. Then complete your order.

You can also direct your order in another way to our distributor:

address   Edition Walhall
Verlag Franz Biersack
Richard-Wagner-Str. 3
39106 Magdeburg
telephone   +49 [0]391 85 78 20
telefax   +49 [0]391 852 00 79

You can also buy our sheet music at a music dealer in your neighborhood.