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What is new?

Two hitherto unkonwn Viola da Gamba Concertos from the Ledenburg Collection are now available: Concerto in D minor by Anton Milling G297 and Concerto in A major by Anton Raetzel G298. The first modern performance will be on April, 22nd, 2017 in the castle of Köthen (Anhalt, Germany) with Thomas Fritzsch and the Merseburger Hofmusik.

An Addendum to Peter Holman's New Catalogue of Abel works for Viola da Gamba is now available. It lists 86 movements which are not yet included in the original catalogue. download

Balthasar Fritsch, Primitiae Musicales. Paduans and Galliards for four-part consort, Frankfurt am Main 1606. G313

The third and last volume (Sonatas X-XII) of Giacobo Cervetto, 'Twelve Solos for a Violoncello with a Thorough Bass for the Harpsicord' is available. G279

Our article The works for Viola da Gamba in the Ledenburg Collection is now available. It can be downloaded here.
Starting now we offer a catalogue of all titles in PDF format, which will always be up-to-date. Here you can download it.