Welcome to Edition G├╝ntersberg, the music publisher from Heidelberg, Germany. You can find all sheet music that we offer in our catalogue.

What is new?

Due to many requests we now offer a cello version of Telemann's Gamba Fantasias. G378.

In two years Carl Friedrich Abel will celebrate his 300th birthday. To mark this anniversary, we are publishing his Six Prussian Symphonies. G369 - G377.

We are pleased to have one of the latest authentic viola da gamba works in our program: Six Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Violoncello by Andreas Lidl. G381, G382.

The new edition of all works for Viola da Gamba solo by Sainte-Colombe le fils, is now available. G380.

Christoph Schaffrath, Sonata in G major for Obbligato Harpsichord and Viola da Gamba is now published by us in a new edition. G379.