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What is new?

Complete edition of the Six Quartettos Op. 8 by Johann Christian Bach for Oboe/Flute/Violin, Violin, Viola da Gamba/Viola, Violoncello and/or keyboard G311. Full score and set of parts are available separately.

A Trio Sonata for Violin, Violoncello, and Basso by Telemann which is not well known but very good is now part of our program G300.

Two hitherto unkonwn Trios for Viola da Gamba, Violin, and Basso from the Ledenburg Collection are now printed: Trio in A major by Friedrich Schwindl G293 and Trio in G minor by Johann Konrad Gretsch G296.

Two hitherto unkonwn Viola da Gamba Concertos from the Ledenburg Collection are now available: Concerto in D minor by Anton Milling G297 and Concerto in A major by Anton Raetzel G298.

An Addendum to Peter Holman's New Catalogue of Abel works for Viola da Gamba is now available. It lists 86 movements which are not yet included in the original catalogue. download